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“I authorize Buanderie Blanchelle or any company appointed by it in the context of the review of my application to communicate by telephone or in writing with my former employers, with my current employer, with educational institutions, personal information agents, health institutions, or persons listed by me as references to obtain the information necessary to assess my application. I declare that the information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I am aware that the misrepresentation or omission of facts worthy of inclusion in this application is grounds for dismissal. I realize that any hiring by the company is subject to a probationary period, the duration of which is determined by company policy. During the probationary period, the company may terminate my employment at any time, without notice. Furthermore, I hereby agree to submit to a preliminary medical examination prior to employment and/or periodic medical examinations during employment by a company-designated physician, provided that such examinations are relative to my employment or eligibility for a group insurance plan. I consent to the transmission of my previous medical records under these same terms. I recognize that the current agreement is valid only for the duration of my candidacy and possible employment. In case of termination of the employment relationship, this consent will be valid only for the duration of any disputes that may arise.”

Note: A photo may be requested and taken after hiring for identification purposes and access to workplace.

Important: This form is for the purpose of studying your application for employment. In case of refusal, the file will be destroyed within ten (10) days of the denial. If hired, it will be attached to your employee file(s). Only company executives including your immediate supervisor will have access to this file. For inquiries, please contact your Human Resources director.