Blanchelle’s providers are leaders in their respective fields.
We each contribute our expertise, enabling us to deliver high-quality products to hospital institutions.

We purchase the best textile products available. These are then treated with superior quality detergents and delivered to customers using a reliable and punctual carrier.


Natural gas

George Courey

Linen specialist serving the hotel and healthcare services sectors for over 100 years.

Groupe Loyal

Storage and transport

Gutler Industries inc.

Specialty laundry chemicals


Planning, development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of total solution processing line laundry machinery.


Laundry room technological equipment manufacturer, sales and service


Technological laundry machines

Médibloc Santé

Washing and folding of reusable gowns and surgical fields with a combination of disposable packaging and customized pack distribution.


Specialized medical supplies

MIP Inc.

Reusable textile products and related products for the healthcare sector.

NBA NB Automation

Applied computer solutions